How to succeed in mobile commerce?

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Shopping via mobile devices has become a standard. The number of mobile shoppers is growing every year. Online store owners are adapting their platforms in line with the change in the way customers use their devices. What can you do to succeed in mobile commerce?

Improve mobile payments

One of the main challenges for stores that want to reach customers using mobile devices is to create a mobile-friendly payment system. First, check if your payment provider provides mobile payment options. If you cannot provide them to your users, do not count on high sales in this channel.

Another aspect worth taking care of in the context of mobile payments is providing users with card payments. This is a very popular payment method, which is expected to be used by customers for a long time.

In order to be successful in mobile commerce, you will often have to take care of the user experience. That's why enabling them to use mobile payments is so important. From the customer's perspective, it is a fast, secure and easy to use way to pay for purchases. By providing your users with the value of mobile payments, you will increase the conversion rate at the final stage of the purchase path.

Simplify processes

The nature of the purchase process on a device with a small screen means that the purchase process needs to be as simple as possible. Definitely more than the one available for computers. Get rid of all the unnecessary windows and pop-ups, clear the subsequent stages of the purchase path of unnecessary elements and let the user go through it without having to stop. On top of that, reduce the number of steps users need to take.

Ordering as a guest is very important in mobile commerce, creating a new account can make the whole shopping process very long. By doing so, you will discourage the user who will ultimately abandon the idea of buying.

What causes the most difficulty and requires special attention, therefore take a special look:

  • Forms - If you want to succeed in mobile commerce, minimize the number of fields you need to fill out and make your forms, so they display well on phones.
  • Product descriptions - Make it easy to complete options in products and build shopping lists.

Phones have several on-screen keyboards available, to make it as easy as possible for the user to fill them out, ensure that the correct keyboard is displayed next to the correct fields. An example would be a keyboard with an @ sign for fields where the e-mail address is entered.

When filling out forms, it is common to omit some of the necessary fields or to fill out the form with incorrect information. Make the errors easy to catch and don't let the user have to look for the mistake in the form on their own. Scrolling through a form on a phone can be very frustrating for a customer.

Design with devices in mind

The way users use the features of your store varies greatly depending on what device they are using. When thinking about success in mobile commerce, you must design your store with mobile users in mind.

Start by gathering as much information about your store's mobile users as possible. Data such as:

  • origin of visitors,
  • how they browse the offer,
  • time spent on site,
  • when and at what stage they usually come out,

is invaluable knowledge for store design and optimization. When creating a site, focus on mobile user behavior and think about what kind of experience you want to provide them.

Simplify the purchase path

Thinking about good sales results of mobile commerce channel, consider designing a separate shopping path for phone users. You already know that their shopping experience and behaviors are different from customers buying on computers. The shopping path should take into account several very important elements.

Costs in the foreground

Display all the costs a user will incur for a purchase early in the path. What causes a significant drop in conversions and a large percentage of abandoned shopping carts are additional costs at the very end of the shopping process. Surprised by having to pay additional fees, the user is most likely to abandon the purchase intent. Show the costs at the very beginning:

  • transport,
  • packing,
  • taxes.

The most important, always in front

Conversion to the next step in the purchase path is extremely important. Don't let the user have to search for buttons to make a purchase, make them always visible on top.

Take care of your website parameters

Mobile commerce brings a slightly different type of customer to your store. They often require speed and the ability to make a smooth purchase. Therefore, the loading speed of your site is probably the most critical factor in the outcome of mobile commerce success.

  • Every second of delay equals 7% less conversion.
  • If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, up to 40% of users will abandon their purchase intent!

Technical optimization of your store requires planning as early as the e-commerce platform stage. So choose a solution that will provide you with easy adaptation to mobile devices, fast performance, a smooth sales process and the necessary integrations.

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