Background Dedicated software

Dedicated software

Extensive systems, applications, and web portals with many requirements and large specification.

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Whatever you want

Your own application? Ordering system? Web portal rework? No sweat, advanced systems are our speciality!

Web apps

Web apps

Looking for a portable system to carry out specific tasks? We'll make what you need. Not only will it solve your problems but it will also look elegant, intuitive, and simply beautiful.

Process optimization

Process optimization

Do you want to speed up your workflow? One production stage is slowing down the rest? We can help you to automate those processes. Everything can be done quicker and we'll help you to achieve that without a drop in quality.

Advanced systems

Advanced systems

Well thought out system can do wonders. We love to create custom and complex solutions, that will ease your and your clients' daily tasks.

Your comfort

Your comfort

Why use a system so unfiendly it drives you crazy? For us user experience is equally important to functionality. Intuitive and responsive interface goes a long way.

Why us?

"We believe young and ambitious developers are a key to success. We have lots of experience in complex projects that our cilenst were always satisfied with. We love to prototype, create and improve."

Jędrzej Buliński CEO | Founder
Jędrzej Buliński portrait photo
Jędrzej Buliński CEO | Founder

Our portfolio

All unique, all polished, and all still developed.

Image For<i>u</i>m Tra<i>n</i>spo<i>r</i>tu

Forum Transportu

A large information portal written and designed from scratch. Develops and facilitates user interaction with the old version of the portal created in the last decade.

Application written in modern PHP 7 with automatic sending of newsletters and panel to manage and administer content on the site.

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Image A<i>C</i>AT - Archery Com<i>p</i>etiti<i>o</i>n Atoma<i>t</i>ization To<i>ol</i>

ACAT - Archery Competition Atomatization Tool

System consisting of three separate applications communicating witch each other. Together they enable frictionless course of the competition, from the basic tasks to live tracking of the results online.

The software is based on cutting edge technology - node.js and electron.js supported by vue.js and

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