Archery Competitions

Managing archery competitions

Full IT support, live results, printing metrics and diplomas.

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Hosting a competition?

We love archery! Thats why we created a system that eases lives of both archers and referees during tournaments on all levels.

Live results

At any moment any player and trainer can check current scores of all participants. It's really handy to have results right in your pocket.

IT support

Experienced IT team will come to you. With our hardware and software we'll help you organianize all tasks during the tournament!


Days when referees had to do everything manually are long gone. Leave routine tasks to us and focus on more important things!

Live results

At any time all interested can check live results of eliminations, duels, you name it. No more crowds near the scoreboard!

What have we organized?

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Mistrzostwa Polski Juniorów

Dobrcz, 28-30.08.2020r.

Halowe Mistrzostwa Polski Juniorów oraz Młodzieżowców

Zamość, 13-14.03.2021r.

Młodzieżowe Mistrzostwa Polski

Dobrcz, 3-4.08.2019r.

IV Runda Pucharu Polski Juniorów Młodszych

Żołędowo, 21.09.2019r.

Memoriał Jana Konopczyńskiego

Żołędowo, od 2018r. do 2020r.

III Runda Pucharu Polski Seniorów OPEN

Dobrcz 2-3.06.2018r.

Proprietary software

We develop proprietary archery competition management system. Created using cutting edge technology, ready for all scenarios.

System ACAT

Proffesional prints

Sharp and readable prints ease lives of players, trainers, and most inportantly show your professionalism.

System prints

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