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We're creating applications, websites and online shops of the highest quality. Wheather you need a business card website or a big web portal, we got you covered!

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We understand your needs and desires. We're here to meet your goals, that's why we're always looking for feedback. We focus on simplicity so we'll talk about your expectations and not UX, frontend or frameworks.


From the very start we focus on strong planning. Not only do we carry out the project but also we assess the cost, time investment, and prepare it's release.


Not only because we like our clients. Co-op is just beneficial to everyone! Efficient co-op saves time and money you would normally loose on constant changes at the end of the project. It also makes our job much more enjoyalbe resulting in more polished final product.

Our portfolio

Every single project is unique, so wheather you need a simple business card website or complex shop system you can be sure that we'll put our hearts into your project so that both you and your clients will be satisfied.

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About us

We're young but experienced dev team. We follow the latest technologies and just love what we do.

We hate to cut corners, when we set a goal we pursue it. No compromises. Projects aren't chores, they're our goals. We always seek ambitious projects that will simplify tasks and human lives overall.

Jędrzej Artur Bartosz
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